State Senate candidates Jeff Stone and Joy Silver see same problems, different solutions

Sen. Jeff Stone, R-La Quinta, and Joy Silver, the Democrat challenging him in the race to represent California’s 28th State Senate District, drew stark contrasts between their approaches to challenges facing the state while vying on Sept. 27 for The Desert Sun’s editorial board endorsement.

Stone attacked California Democrats for expanding the reach of government, obstructing free markets and creating what he called a “nanny state,” while Silver said California needs to ensure access to health care for all residents and continue regulating development to protect the environment, for the public’s benefit and safety.

As the candidates’ jousting moved from housing to environmental policies to immigration, the ideological differences separating the Republican from the Democrat became more pronounced. Both recited their campaign talking points: Stone on how onerous regulations lead to costs of living rises, and Silver arguing economic development and environmental protection were complementary pursuits.

The endorsement session took place weeks after Stone’s campaign sent voters a mailer attacking Silver for her work at Rainbow Vision Santa Fe, a retirement community that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy under her management in 2011.

Throughout the editorial board session, Stone alluded to her time at Rainbow Vision, particularly while emphasizing the importance of balanced budgets.

When the discussion turned to health care, Stone highlighted his experience as a pharmacist, contrasting his business success with Rainbow Vision’s recession-era troubles.

“I have a history of 36 years of not only being a medical professional but running successful businesses that I never bankrupted. And I never had a tax lien imposed against me because I didn’t pay my taxes,” he said.


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