Senator Jeff Stone on Propositions

Proposition 1 (SB 3) – Housing Bond:  NO


This initiative pretends to create housing, but it is really a $4 Billion general obligation bond that goes primarily to urban areas with no structural reforms.


Proposition 2 (AB 1827) – No Place Like Home Act:  NO


This is a $2 Billion revenue bond with no guarantee that Riverside County will see any of the money.  Los Angeles County is guaranteed to receive the lion’s share of the funds, and there are not sufficient guarantees that Riverside County will be awarded ANY of the funds.


Proposition 3 – Water Bond:  NO


This is a $9 Billion water bond.  Since 1996, there have been 8 statewide bond measures dealing with water that total over $29 Billion.  Since that time, we have not added ONE drop of additional above-ground storage.   Roughly $4 Billion of this bond goes specifically to disadvantaged communities with no accountability or expectations of what the money is to be used for.


Proposition 4 – Children’s Hospital Bond Act:  YES


California’s healthcare and hospital system is under severe stress due to increased Medi-Cal caseloads.  Proposition 4 is a relatively modest $1.5 Billion statewide bond that will ensure our children’s hospital system is not jeopardized by external factors that come with recent policies adopted by California’s Legislature that have needlessly put additional strains on our healthcare system.


Proposition 5 – Property Tax Transfer Initiative:  YES


This measure will allow senior citizens over 55 years of age and the severely disabled to transfer their tax assessments to a different home no matter what the new home’s assessed value.  This measure allows our seniors who are often in larger homes than they need to purchase a smaller home without fear of having to pay astronomical property taxes.  Proposition 5 basically removes the handcuffs from senior citizens who want to “downsize” their living spaces without the penalties (taxes) that would come with higher property values.

Proposition 6 – Gas Tax Repeal:  YES


This measure effectively repeals the portion of SB 1 that imposed an additional $5.2 Billion of taxes on Californians.  This measure repeals the gas tax and will send a message to the Legislature that it should appropriate the necessary funds to road repair and bridge maintenance within existing revenues.  With a $9 Billion surplus and adequate revenues, the state has enough money to pay for its essential obligations without raising taxes.


Proposition 7 (AB 807) – Daylight Savings Time:  YES


This measure allows the Legislature (by a 2/3 vote) to vote to repeal Daylight Savings Time if it is approved by Congress.  This simply gives the Legislature the tools needed if such a change may be warranted at a future date.


Proposition 8 – Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act:  NO


Dialysis is a life-saving necessity for thousands of Californians, and there is real concern that this measure will force neighborhood-based dialysis clinics conveniently located in local communities to close.  There clearly needs to be additional oversight of the industry to ensure adequate care at reasonable prices, but this measure goes too far to warrant passage.




Proposition 10 – Rent Control in California:  NO


This measure would make it easier for California communities to impose rent control on housing even though we have a tremendous housing shortage.  The solution to California’s housing crisis is to create more supply … if Proposition 10 passes, supply will be limited thereby making our homeless crisis and housing shortage even worse than it is today.


Proposition 11 – Ambulance Employees Paid On-Call:  YES


This is a common sense measure that allows ambulances and EMTs to be reachable if they are on a scheduled break or at lunch.  Many times, drivers of ambulances are waiting for a call and can often be seen parked in public parking lots waiting for an assignment.  This initiative simply allows them to be called if they happen to be on a scheduled break while they are parked in a lot.


Proposition 12 – Farm Animal Confinement :  NO


Animals that are raised for consumption by humans need to be in secure facilities.  This measure will put the cattle, pork, and poultry industries in California out of business meaning that Californians will have to pay much more for imported beef, pork, and chicken.  While this measure may very well be filled with good intentions, the end result will mean more animals will needlessly suffer and consumers will pay more for lower quality products.

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