Senator Jeff Stone Leads Democrat Challenger by Wide Margin

Polling Results Show Stone Likely to be Re-Elected to Another Term in State Senate

Sacramento, CA — A recent poll conducted by the Jeff Stone for State Senate 2018 campaign committee shows that Senator Stone holds a commanding lead in the race for the 28th Senate District against his Democrat opponent, Joy Silver.

 Without hearing any information about either Senator Stone or Joy Silver, Senator Stone was leading Joy Silver by over 13% (36.8% to 23.5%).  Among the most likely voters, the initial ballot question showed Stone with an even larger lead — 16.2% (40.2% for Stone compared with 24.0% for Silver).

 After the initial ballot question was asked, voters were given information about the records of both Senator Stone and Joy Silver.  After learning more about each candidate, Senator Stone ended up with 52.3% of the vote compared with Joy Silver’s 18.5% – a 33.8% lead.

 The survey, conducted by the Lewis Consulting Group between September 6, 2018 and September 11, 2018, asked 400 individuals in the 28th Senate District about their positions on issues facing California as well as the upcoming election between Republican State Senator Stone and Democrat Joy Silver.

 “It is clear that Senator Stone is well known in his district, and the voters are reacting to his positive work in Sacramento on behalf of taxpayers, crime victims and working families who struggle to make ends meet,” said Stone’s political consultant Andre Levesque.

 Other important observations from the survey include the fact that housing and homelessness are leading issues (36% name this issue as the top issue of concern).  Illegal immigration was chosen by 25% of voters as the top issue of concern followed by taxes and transportation.

 Governor Brown has low favorability (41.3% favorable to 51.0% unfavorable).  With respect to the Governor’s race, Republican John Cox enjoys a small lead over Democrat Gavin Newsom in the 28th District (46.5% to 45.3%).

 Levesque concluded, “Jeff Stone has an aggressive campaign to reinforce his record of accomplishments in his years of public service and a plan to educate the people about his opponent’s record as a so-called expert of housing.  We look forward to a spirited campaign where both candidates can talk about their records and results instead of relying on cheap rhetoric and tired platitudes.”

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