Millions of gallons of fresh water are emptied into the ocean while we bulldoze dead almond trees in central California because of a non-endemic endangered fish called the delta smelt. I say “turn on the pumps” and give our farmers the water they need to feed our state and country! We need to increase water storage and delivery systems to ensure southern California and the central valley have a dependable water source. We should continue to examine the efficacy of desalination plants like the one recently built in Carlsbad.

I won’t accept any plan to alter or abolish Prop. 13 or raise taxes on already overburdened California taxpayers. California’s tax burden prevents economic growth, drives businesses to other states and destroys family finances. I will work to reduce taxes and stop the state from over-spending.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Riverside Sheriffs Association – our local deputy sheriffs who risk their lives to keep us safe. I oppose early release of prison inmates. AB 109 (Public Safety Realignment) is bad public policy that allows dangerous felons to be placed in County jails and released early. If tents in 110 degrees are good enough for our military in Iraq then why not for our convicts? Place them in tents in remote areas of the County. We must stop spending $150,000 each for building new jail cells!

We need reforms to improve education and give our young people the opportunity to compete. First, we need to spend less on bureaucracy and put that money into the classroom, where it will actually help students. I believe we need to give local school boards, parents, and teachers the flexibility to adopt education plans suitable to their local needs. I support school choice and Charter schools.

Health Care
As a health care professional I know from firsthand experience that Obamacare is a disaster that will result only in higher prices, fewer doctors and lower quality care. Over a million Californians have lost their insurance coverage because of this disastrous law. Seniors on Medicare are already paying more because Obamacare took money away from the Medicare system. While this is a federal law, I will do everything I can to help repeal it and replace it with real reforms that lower costs, protect patient choice and maintain America’s high standards for health care.

2nd Amendment
Citizens have the constitutional right to own and bear arms. I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

State Promises
California needs to keep its promise and forward the start up money to our four new cities, including Wildomar, in the 28th district. Fulfilling the obligations of the state to the four cities should be a non-partisan issue. The residents of these cities deserve the services, including public safety, they were promised when they voted for cityhood.

Salton Sea
This restoration project like many state projects has been “studied to death”. The problem is simple… with no significant rehydration and significant evaporation the lake is shrinking and will be an ecologic and environmental disaster. The proposed dike is a good solution and our new class of legislators must make it a top priority. Stop talking about the solution and construct the one we know will work and become an amenity.

Regulations and Lawsuits
Our state is a regulatory nightmare for business. It takes longer to get a permit and open a business in California than in Putin’s Russia! Loopholes in CEQA allow frivolous lawsuits to shake down developers and new businesses. Reforms are essential if we want the state to become business friendly and become more job competitive. Why do we need CEQA, when we have the federal counterpart NEPA? Federal projects like freeway improvements require the improvement to go through both programs…environmental craziness… that makes projects very expensive and delayed.