In 2018 Session Senator Stone Continued to Stand Up for Hard-Working Californians

Sacramento, Ca. —  The amount of damage to Californians’ wallets, the ability to live affordably in the state and the need to keep communities safe – all of these  important issues and more rest on the over 800 bills that were sent to Governor Jerry Brown when the legislative session came to a close on August 31st.

“As the clock struck midnight on August 31st, I took satisfaction in knowing I did my best this year to fight off the onslaught of some of the most extreme legislation I have witnessed in all my years of public service,” said State Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside County).

Despite having a nearly $10 billion dollar budget surplus this year, the liberal Democrats who run the State Legislature continued to squeeze even more money from the pockets of hard-working Californians by increasing taxes and fees and spending money on programs that allow addicts to legally shoot up heroin and eliminate the requirement of those arrested from posting bail to be released from custody.

Facing, but not addressing, critical issues like the high cost of housing and the growing number of homeless in our communities, Democrats instead chose to spend their time banning plastic straws

And, if you’re reading this while waiting in line at the DMV, you can thank Democrats who not only killed legislation to allow you to renew your driver’s license on-line or by mail, but refused to allow a simple audit of that department to get to the real cause of the delays in service.

Other examples of the bad bills advanced by Democrats in Sacramento include:

  • AB 2965 & SB 974 (Arambula and Lara) – Provides state health insurance (Medi-Cal) to undocumented immigrants 19-25 and those over 65 years of age. The yearly cost of these programs is estimated at up to $880 million.
  • SB 100 (de Leon) – Mandates that California get 100% of its energy from renewable energy such as wind, sun and water – no matter the cost. California already pays some of the highest energy rates in the nation and this legislation ignores the needs of our struggling communities by promoting higher energy costs.
  • AB 1184 (Ting and Chiu) – Imposes a tax of up to 3.25 percent on each ride provided by a self-driving or driverless vehicle – even though no self-driving or driverless cars offering ride-sharing are in existence.
  • AB 861 & SB 1829 (Committee on Budget Fiscal & Review) – Validates the illegal diversion of $331 million from the National Mortgage Special Deposit Fund (NMSDF).

In these, and many other instances, Senator Stone stood up for the hard-working people of the 28th Senate District.  Along with his Republican colleagues and some common-sense Democrats, Senator Stone was able to stop legislation that would have put law enforcement officers’ safety in jeopardy and added a tax to our drinking water and limited legal assistance for illegal immigrants.

But it’s not all bad news. Two of Senator Stone’s bills are currently sitting on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature.

  • SB 1202 secures an additional level of transparency on reporting requirements for local agencies. This bill will have a positive impact when it comes to local agencies that continue to collect mitigation fees for numerous years in a row but do not complete their necessary reports.
  • SB 1254 will require a pharmacist at a hospital to obtain an accurate medication profile for each high-risk patient admitted to that hospital. This bill will enhance patient safety and reduce physician and hospital liability. I honestly believe this bill will save lives.

Senator Stone voted yes on more than 420 bills this year.  These included legislation that protects crime victims, increases voting accessibility, expands the definition of a hate crime, and protects Veterans rights and government whistleblowers.

In addition Senator Stone successfully called for an audit of a healthcare provider that will determine how the state can better protect patients and taxpayers from the sky rocketing costs of prescription drugs.

“I’m looking forward to spending the next several months traveling across Riverside County to meet with and listen to the people who I am proud and honored to represent,” said Senator Stone.

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